Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hellboy peice

I have many artists that I really admire, and this recent peice encompasses two legends. Arthur Rackham, the victorian children's book illustrator is a major influence on me, although I dont think it shows in my work so much. Mike Mignola is a current master of composition and creepiness currently back on his Hellboy series. For this illustration I thought it would be visually interesting to include Rackham's signature 'humanised' trees, with everyone's favourite red devil getting to grips with the root(s) of the problem. Talking of problems I have a huge one with my car, major league bill of £600 :( so really struggling to try and get some cash together, may have to sell this peice if you are interested, just let me know-either of Facebook or this dusty ol' blog. Back again soon...

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