Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello yet again

These posts are getting far too regular:) Last week I made contact with a fantastic comic shop called ORBITAL COMICS in London, they were having a James Jean signing, I asked if I could pre-order a book and get it signed as I couldn't get there. They were really good and not only did I get it signed but a got a sketch in there to boot...that made my day.
Anyway, I scanned their website and noticed that they have loads of art exhibitions and signings all the time----what? A comic shop actually interested in the medium? Wanting to promote it to the masses? Willing to help and make sure the buyer has a great experience...that's new to me. I then saw that they were running an exhibition of original art for a charity, I contacted them and did the above postcard. The auction will take place on ebay soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi Folks Here's another Batman commission, the chap asked for a graveyard scene with Bats at his parents grave, but when I actually got to the headstone a little lightbulb lit up...wouldn't it be cool to put his creator's name there instead?