Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good old fashioned spookiness at Thought Bubble - THE SIGNAL MAN arrives

Not long now until Thoughtbubble folks. Here's a few of the original watercolour editions Ive been doing recently. Each one is individual, painted on handmade rag paper and tipped-in to each copy. I had fifty copies printed with a blank inside cover, with my original intention to draw straight onto the cover, however the watercolours didn't take to the inside cover as they are very smooth. I then came up with the idea of doing them on handmade paper and sticking them in. At the show I will have The Signal Man, 'Drawings' my latest sketchbook, prints and original art for sale. PLEASE NOTE if you would like a watercolour sketch could you let me know in advance as I may not have many of them with me. Original watercolour version is £20 at the show, standard Signal Man is £5. Writer JASON COBLEY will be signing too (SATURDAY ONLY), possibly the only time the two of us can sign your copy. See you there :)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Charles Dickens' The Signal Man is on the horizon

So THE SIGNAL MAN is now available for sale. I will be at ThoughtBubble with my latest sketchbooks, all with a custom coloured sketch inside. An ultra-limited version of The Signal Man (50 only) each with a original watercolour on handmade paper tipped-in, a selection of prints and original artwork.

Hopefully Jason will also be at ThoughtBubble, this will possibly be the only chance to get The Signal Man signed by both of us. See you in the New Dock Hall, table 27.
Look out for this banner. Full steam ahead.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A few pictures and stuff

Just lately I've been doing a lot more colour than I normally do, my poor little Reeves paint box is about dry. Here they are, all for sale of course.

This Doctor Strange was based on the great Ditko splash page for the good doctor's origin story.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

BLACK BOOK and other stuff

Here's a few Black Book coloured drawings. Thanks to all those who ordered the book in advance, which enabled me to get it printed. After that initial 50 I've had some difficulty selling the rest. I've got about 20 still to sketch inside, and roughly 20+ with sketches done. It's been a little disappointing in as much as folk have asked for certain characters/sketches, then never bothered to follow the order up. This has happened on three requests, still, I would hope to sell them at some point. Some of these pictured are still for sale, but I have many others in my album on facebook