Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello folks
How are you all? I've been fairly productive just lately, despite upping sticks to a new (ancient) house, with stone walls so thick no modern communication device can penetrate. So apologies for delays in posts, at least now I have an excuse. The Batman pic was produced for a German collector who has a perchant for battle damaged heroes, and the first time ever I get to draw Daredevil, albeit it in London as opposed to Hell's Kitchen. Whilst composing this peice it suddenly occurred to me that it would be a nice nice touch to include the Old Bailey in the background. Pop back for more soon. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hellboy peice

I have many artists that I really admire, and this recent peice encompasses two legends. Arthur Rackham, the victorian children's book illustrator is a major influence on me, although I dont think it shows in my work so much. Mike Mignola is a current master of composition and creepiness currently back on his Hellboy series. For this illustration I thought it would be visually interesting to include Rackham's signature 'humanised' trees, with everyone's favourite red devil getting to grips with the root(s) of the problem. Talking of problems I have a huge one with my car, major league bill of £600 :( so really struggling to try and get some cash together, may have to sell this peice if you are interested, just let me know-either of Facebook or this dusty ol' blog. Back again soon...

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hello all---Well, over a week ago already since LSCC. What a great show it was, sold all the pre-con painted sketches which paid for the rather expensive weekend. Sadly I didn't get to even see any of the major names due to the enormous queues that were a permanent fixture of the show. I was on David Lloyd's ACES WEEKLY table and the sketchcards went like proverbial hotcakes. It was a great idea for people to be able to take away a tangible item (with a free sketch from any creator no less) and get access to the entire contents of ACES WEEKLY vol 1 at the same time.  It was great to meet other Aces conspirators Bambos, David Leach, Kev Hopgood and loads more coming and going over the weekend. I've signed up for another  ACES stint (or could it be two? one with a named writer attached, stay tuned for more). Our table neighbour was a Belgian creator Ivan Petrus who was promoting his WW1 book The Gathering, a superb read, with a colour sketch in every book. There is a possible project which may bare fruit here also, but more on that later. I had the chance to have a quick chat with Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl) who was not that far away, I bought three of his fantastic prints and picked up my pre-convention commission-----heaven's to betsy, here it is in all its glory. I asked Jeremy if he could produce a Springheeled Jack peice, and just by looking at a few images online, he came up with this jaw-dropper....