Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Festive greetings once again!

Hope you all had a great christmas break...just letting you all know that I've posted a few items on ebay. An HELLBOY original pin-up (which Mike Conroy saw at Bristol and has since passed on to Mike Mignola himself--fingers crossed it may appear in a future Hellboy/BPRD comic. I have a Springheeled Jack cover which will be used on an upcoming issue of REDEYE (which will have an interview with myself in it too). The sketchbooks are £8 plus P+P if purchased directly from me (if you reside in the UK).

So if any of you have got 'Christmas money' burning a hole in your pocket you know where to spend it;) Anyway that's all for now and I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, all the best for 2005!

The ol' boar

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ho Ho Ho and all that stuff

Hello again everyone, here's one of my irregular missives for you. Although I've not been productive for the past few months I've still had a few irons in the fire. I did a Demon drawing in Jack Kirby stylee for an Italian KIRBY TRIBUTE book which was released recently, unfortunately I only have the one copy---I can't read Italian of course, but its great to be in the company of folk like Jose Ladronn, Steve Rude, Mike Allred and Gary Spencer Millidge. Speaking of which I am scheduled to do a short story for an upcoming Strangehaven special, currently in the rough stages. Hopefully more on that next time.

The sketchbooks I mentioned last time are going well, it has an original sketch and 6 page preview of SHJ issue 3 (which I am halfway through lettering) hopefully it will be printed before the Bristol show. I did a HELLBOY pin-up which Mike Conroy has passed onto Mike Mignola, hopefully it may show up in an upcoming Hellboy/BPRD comic (this original is for sale at £80) I can send a scan to anyone interested. In between I'm doing some commission work, again all this stuff can be seen in the sketchbook.

All that remains now is for me to wish everyone a happy christmas and a great new year, and thanks for the support.

all the best