Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello all

After I did last week's Signal Man page I got thinking about how it should be printed etc. I plan on possibly gauging interest via this blog and Facebook, then possibly just printing to the initial orders, that way you will have something that will hopefully become a sought after item in 100 years time;) Just as a test I changed this page into sepia, what d'thee reckon? Should it be mono, sepia or actual colour?

Speaking of tests, just as a precursor to actual orders, can anyone WHO MAY BE interested in a copy hit the LIKE button on the FB link. This is just for gauging purposes only. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello one and all
Just produced page 2 of The Signal Man and it got me thinking that sitting in a signal box can be a very solitary existence, a little like sitting at a drawing board really, so it's good to get feedback on this ere blog. I'm assuming everyone is familiar with this Dickens classic, but just in case you are not... get your ticket and board The Signal Man express. We'll make stops along the way, delving into the production diary, stoking up the imagination as we go.

Last week I was asked to contribute a convention sketch to Club Batman (on facebook), here's the finished pic in case you didn't see it elsewhere.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Greetings blog readers
I spent time recently roughing out the Charles Dickens short story The Signal Man, adapted by Jason Cobley who has written many a fine tale and adapted numerous literary classics such as Dracula,Frankenstein and recently When the Inspector Calls. We are currently not decided upon how or when it will be published but here's the first page to be going on with (sans text, of course). I'll be back with a diary-type/ from-the-drawing-board-development-thing, which will start soon. So make sure you check back here regularly.

I've heard that many of you in the US were unable to purchase either of the Madam Samurai books, through some problem at Diamond distribution, but fear not, as they are both available digitally on they are well worth checking out, if I do say so myself;)
Here's a few pics to whet your collective appetites.