Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello all

The other week I went to the TURF signing in London. Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards were signing their new comic at FP on Shaftesbury Avenue. Mr Ross was an absolute gent and, as most know, heavily into his comics. We had a (very) brief chat about Jack Kirby art and his collection and I gave him and Tommy a copy of my newsprint comic GOTHIC, which they wanted signing. Cool.

On the subject of vampires (very tenuous link) here's that Dracula blank cover I did a while back.

As you all know I'm busy on book two of Madam Samurai, however I cannot show anymore development work from the project, very sorry about that but I'll find something else to fill the space with:)

all the best...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello all
I'm not sure what's happening with this ftp lark. For a while now, anyone who has a blog here will have noticed the 'Migration alert' on the intro page. FTP blogs are no longer supported after May 1st--which means I needs to shift , ahem, 'Migrate' my stuff for it to continue, however I've hit the 'start migration' tab and nothing happens, it doesn't really give you a guide as to what to do either so I'm stumped. Anyhow, I'll blog until I can no longer blog.

Recently I was asked if I fancied illustrating a victorianised kid gang tale, written by John A.Short. It's being used as part of a teaching module for the NSPCC, it was set in victorian Liverpool and recalls the Tithebarne Street Outrage, in which a man was killed for sixpence! It's a very strong tale about how things can get out of hand and ultimately end in grief. Hopefully it will give the wayward teens of today something to think about. Thanks for getting me involved John.

I'll be back again soon...