Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hiya Gang

I've been prompted to blog by my old buddy Graeme Reid, every now and again I get prodded with a big stick and here I am! I've been a bit slack just lately, after finishing SHJ3 last month, artwork only, I thought I'd give myself a break for a few weeks. I've done a few commisions and other odds and sods, hopefully I'll get some kind of 'zero' issue done as a preview to SHJ3. Coming up in the next few weeks is the London Comic Show, which I'll be attending with Carl Critchlow, so look out for the Critch'n Hitch stand;) It should be a good show, and then there's the Jonathan Ross/Grant Morrison interview which I'm looking forward to..hope they turn up!

And a week or so after that there's the ComicExpo in Bristol, where I'll be signing the new version of Whitechapel Freak on Reed Comics's table, alongside Simon Bisley----how cool???

anyhow snuff from me, time for bed

the ol' boar