Friday, January 25, 2013

Batman commission

Hello folks
Ages ago I was asked to do a 'Batman on gargoyle' commission for a collector over on Comic Art Fans website. He collects art from many top rank artists, so I knew had to go to town on this one. I started it last weekend, but only got to do the figure, so spent time during the frozen nights this week building the rest...brick by brick.

In other news my pitch for Springheeled Jack is in the first stages of decison-making at a US comic company, it will be a few weeks yet, but you will read the outcome here. Don't forget to pop back soon.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hello all
Looking round my spare room, I see that there's no that much room spare at all. So, I'm going to delve deep into my archives and start selling some original art. Currently I've got well over 200 A3 pages, propped up against the wall. So, anyone who might want original art pages from Springheeled Jack (only a few left), The Sixpenny Murder (8 page story), Mother's Love (a 16 page horror tale for Split Lip webcomic), Paradise Mechanism (22 pages) Madam Samurai (160 pages, both books) an abondoned 'FAIRIE WARS' story, written by New York Times bestseller Herbie Brennan (fantasy type thing) and other odds and ends---- please message me via Facebook in the first instance, make an offer for your favourite page, and you just might snag it. Pages start from as little as £10. Obviously they will vary a little depending on how long that specific page may have taken me to produce. I'll attempt to set up some kind of gallery if I get chance...