Wednesday, November 05, 2003

G'day all. Last weekend was the Winter Comics Festival in London, and what a weekend it was. The venue was packed with over 100 comics pro's, small pressers, art dealers with more comics related events than you could shake a stick at! And Jonathan Ross went to!

I sold a bucketload of Springheeld Jack no. 1, plus a load of ltd edition Sketchbooks (the first 20 have original drawings in them) I have six left, they are £6 each. The standard signed+numbered (80 only) are priced at £2.50. Please email if you would like one.

Also pages of WHITECHAPEL FREAK were shown IN COLOUR for the first time---it is soon to be printed in a square-bound format by Full Cirkle Publications--in association with Black Boar Press. The colour is really spectacular, by a really nice chap named Philippe Gaulier (who works at Jim Hensons studio no less, he's also worked on many computer games for Cryo, and currently working in films too---the guy is busy, oh and did I mention he's one talented @+=++OOOO)

WHITECHAPEL FREAK--the coloured edition is not to be missed, soon to be solicited in PREVIEWS, keep an eye out for it! And ORDER one--you won't be sorry.

Blogging off, for this week,