Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another commission peice from a chap in the US. A companion to the 'Lurker' vampire I did the other week. I'm getting a bit more experience with werewolves just lately. At least this one doesn't look like next door's alsation. A few of you have asked if I'll be at Bristol this year, the answer is yes, but in the small press event held near the main event. I'm thinking about producing a sketchbook, of say, just 50 copies, let me know if you may be interested. I don't know any specifics yet, I'll let you all know when I've collated possible content.
The CTHULHU TALES issue went down well, according to Shane. Hop over to his blog here

He has a new comic coming out soon called CHANNEL EVIL, written by grand master, Alan Grant...with pictures by Mr Oakley...this has to be great! Get down to your comic shop (if you have one) and order it right now.

That's it for now gang,

back soon

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello all,
Been busy this weekend, hunched over the drawing board, working into the small hours under the flickering glow of the oil lamp I pulled out all the stops on a couple of vampire peices. Nosferatu's Shadow - I tried to get some of that old Germanic 20s look into it. The dread in the woman's eye's as she realises she is frozen to the spot by the Count in the doorway.
The other peice I've called 'Lurker', due to the ominous figure in the background...he's just a little bit too late for his Miller's Court rendezvous.

Needless to say, I've not done any Madam Samurai this weekend, but I'll be back to it next week, fresh as a daisy. Signing off for now....

Monday, March 09, 2009

It's that time again.
WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? Well, I have to say 'I got no work done today because' we (wife and I) went to see Zack Snyder's (that doesn't sound right) WATCHMEN. We thought it was a damn near perfect interpretation. Once again, taking Dave Gibbons's panels and converting them to celluloid realism as only he can. I know that Alan Moore does not find his other interpretations 'entirely agreeable', but this one surely rises above anything that has gone before. They've done it proud (in my book, at least) but I don't want to start a war.

There was a down side to going to the pictures (apart from the price), I didn't get to do any sketching on Saturday, so just one page of Madam Samurai this weekend.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 for something completely different

A few months ago I was asked if I fancied doing a Cursed Earth Dredd commission. I sketched it out and then got involved with the other stuff I've been doing lately. Last night I thought I'd start it proper. The idea is that Dredd is fighting off some mutant cave dwellers. I'd really like to concentrate on the lighting with this one, the main source being the flare from the lawgiver. Here's the first part of inking, I've darkenened it just to try and show the pencil marks.

Also, some of you may notice that does not exist anymore, from now on I'll just be using this blog for any announcements etc (which is pretty much what I've been doing for a while anyways).

Cthulu Tales#12 from Boom Studios came out last week, I'm waiting for my comp copies, hope I get em soon.

That's me done, back soon.