Monday, March 09, 2009

It's that time again.
WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? Well, I have to say 'I got no work done today because' we (wife and I) went to see Zack Snyder's (that doesn't sound right) WATCHMEN. We thought it was a damn near perfect interpretation. Once again, taking Dave Gibbons's panels and converting them to celluloid realism as only he can. I know that Alan Moore does not find his other interpretations 'entirely agreeable', but this one surely rises above anything that has gone before. They've done it proud (in my book, at least) but I don't want to start a war.

There was a down side to going to the pictures (apart from the price), I didn't get to do any sketching on Saturday, so just one page of Madam Samurai this weekend.


Brian Jones said...

Another great page.....and I'm in total agreement with you on the Watchmen movie.

Gary Crutchley said...

I'm off to see watchmen next week, (when the queues are shorter).
This and the other pages I've see of this strip are abso-bloody-lutey awesome.
Love these, Dave.