Friday, September 26, 2003

Oookay..... now we are cooking on gas! Here goes, the past few months have been rather hectic, just finished off the art for SPRINGHEELED JACK two, and I will be starting on issue three in the next couple of weeks.

For all the U.S. fans who have read about SHJ, but can't find it----I must apologise, I was intending to solicit in the trade magazine PREVIEWS the same time as I launched issue one at the Bristol Comics Festival here in the UK. Whilst at the show I was approached by a fledling comics company who wanted to re-print ALL of my work and re-distribute on a wider circulation---This was fantastic news as my previous works have long since sold out (being a self-publisher the initial print runs were minimal).

To cut a long story short, I held off soliciting my initial printrun of SHJ, (even though I have boxes of them fresh from the printers) because I did'nt want to cause a clash with the other company's release of said product.

Anyhow it seems that this could be still some time away, as nothing has been set in stone at the time of this writing. However, I will endeveavour to keep you all informed on progress AND if you can't wait you COULD order direct from me, and I'll even scrawl my signature on it (sure to bump up the value by at least one whole cent at least). Just drop me an email at

see ya!

Hi All

The winner of this months 'Honorary Helper of the Boar' goes to GRAEME NEIL REID, whose tireless work on the restructuring of this website has been nothing short of terrific! Graeme, you are a techno-genius my friend. Click on the 'Graeme Neil Reid' link to view a great slew of sterling illustration and design work.

This is my first 'real' post, I typed a really long letter outlining everything that has been happening recently--hit the 'preview your post' button and the whole lot disappearred, if this works I'll post again soon



Tuesday, September 23, 2003, the main site for David Hitchcock and Black Boar Press has been updated, go check it out!!!