Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello all

The other week I went to the TURF signing in London. Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards were signing their new comic at FP on Shaftesbury Avenue. Mr Ross was an absolute gent and, as most know, heavily into his comics. We had a (very) brief chat about Jack Kirby art and his collection and I gave him and Tommy a copy of my newsprint comic GOTHIC, which they wanted signing. Cool.

On the subject of vampires (very tenuous link) here's that Dracula blank cover I did a while back.

As you all know I'm busy on book two of Madam Samurai, however I cannot show anymore development work from the project, very sorry about that but I'll find something else to fill the space with:)

all the best...


Gary Crutchley said...

I do love that cover. Anythought's about doing any more?

Aldo Nelson said...

Greatt blog you have