Friday, February 13, 2009

Werewolves/ wolfmen are difficult to draw

Hello all, I've recently realised the above as I've just done a pin-up image for the upcoming Accent UK title Wolfmen2. I take my hat off to Andy Bloor, who has the task of drawing LOADS of was enough for me (well, four actually) see, one slight hair out of place, and your wolf looks like a dog! See first aborted attempt. Finished one shown above
To check out the series go here

That's me done for now,



Gary Crutchley said...

Bloody amazing, Dave.
So a 60 page graphic novel with loads of werewolves is not on your must do list, then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave thanks for this!! now just imagine a 60 page GN of werewolves and fast cars, is that more your thing :)

Andy Bloor said...

Superb as always Dave, thanks again for doing this!

Laughing Indio said...

It is absolutely savage, i love it!