Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good day all
Yes, it's been a while, apologies for that. I've been off doing normal stuff, playing computer games and reading comics (sometimes the other way round). I've just heard that the Cthulu Tales story I did is now in issue 12 (not 11 as originally quoted) I'm looking forward to seeing it, and I hope that my comic shop will have one, though I don't hold out much hope as I've not seen one for a few months.

Not done much sketching for a month or so, but just finished this Batman v Scarecrow illo for a very nice chap called Brian Jones---check out his great Batman gallery here

That's all for now folks.



Brian Jones said...

That fear gas is some nasty stuff! Nice and creepy, I love it and thanks for the shout out!

Gary Crutchley said...

T'riffic piece, Dave and good to see you back on line.

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Excellent commission piece Dave, top work, love the layout of the illustration. Shades of an Alan Davis Batman expression too which is sweet!