Friday, December 05, 2014


Good day all. Well, I momentarily couldn't remember my password... that's a great start. The release of the Titan edition of Springheeled Jack seems to be doing pretty well, I was worried as the book has had a few bites at the cherry. Thanks to everyone who has recently bought it, but moreso to those of you who have forked out for it again - at least this time it's a great format, larger than the hardback I self produced back in the day. I'm really proud of it and I do hope to do a sequel at some point.

In other news, I have an appearance in the galaxy's greatest mag iminent. Pat Mill's script for a one-off VISIBLE MAN story, looking forward to seeing that one (no pun intended). I've been selling my original art just lately, and Im pleased to say that I finally got enough money together to get myself a peice of art from the one and only KING OF COMICS (you dont want to know how many pages of my stuff I had to sell in order to get it;) )


Arion said...

That Kirby page is pure gold!

David said...

Thanks, it was wonderful to manage to get my hands on Kirby original by just using my own art. Very humbling.

Unknown said...

Hi David - I have bought a painting of yours end of last year 2014 and wondered if you would remember it.. It is inscribed " a long night in brussel's 27.12.90. Just curious if it were you... Kind regards Norma Williamson (Stoke-on-Trent)