Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teens Novel

I recently produced this cover/character image for a friend at work who is working on a teen fantasy novel, about a young boy who appears to be the only survivor of a train crash. After searching for days across barren landscapes and dense forests he finally finds civilisation...but it's 'not as we know it captain'.

Enter ogres, witches and all manner of beasties.

I hope you are enjoying PARADISE MECHANISM currently serialised in ACES WEEKLY, it was great fun to work on and the colouring by Matt Soffe sets it apart from all my previous work.


Richard Williams said...

Lovely cover Dave and still enjoying your work in Aces Weekly!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work this! Thoroughly enjoying Paradise Mechanism at the moment as well. Your art and Matt Soffe's colouring are a fabulous combination, they complement each other so well.

David said...

Thanks Richard, Trystan, I hope everyone else enjoyed Paradise Mechanism too. It was certainly a great project to work on for all involved. I hope to do more stuff with Matt sometime down the line:)