Sunday, February 12, 2012

Train of Thought: The Diary of the Signal Man No.1
Hello Everyone, thanks for stopping by.

With this tale being an adaptation of a Charles Dickens short ghost story, you would expect to see somewhat large text boxes running throughout. This page is no exception. Here we have my initial A4 roughs and a page just being roughly sketched out, these two panels in particular have a great deal of exposition in them. This is why I always tend to sketch out as much of the copy as possible during the thumbnail stages, it also gives me an idea of exactly how much of the panel will be obscured.

As I get further into this story I realised there is scope to dust off my artistic licence, more of which to come in the next post.

If you'll pardon the pun I'm getting stoked up with this thing folks:) Thanks for asking me onboard Mr Cobley.


Richard Williams said...

Thanks for sharing Dave!

Terry Davey said...

Hi David, a big fan of your work and the Signal Man so excited by your adaptation. I am on FB but can't seem to find your link : T

Joe C said...

I can't see a facebook link either. Just so you know. Put me down for a copy of The Signal Man though. I loved the large scale newspaper format of your 'Gothic' comic, by the way.

David said...

Hi Chaps Thanks for passing by, the link in question was a post about Signal Man (you may need to scroll down my FB wall) and an attempt to gauge how many people wpuld be interested in the project. My initial idea was to produce maybe only 100 copies, make it something really special. I will post a more 'official' message as the project gets closer to completion (it's a good while off yet, as some weekends I'm not getting any drawing done at all).

Joe- thanks for your kind words on GOTHIC, I really enjoyed doing the tabloid paper/comics--Whitechapel Freak was done in this manner too, about 12 years ago----sadly I won't be producing anymore items like that, because the presses (in my day job, I work at a newspaper) have been decomissioned, and sent elsewhere. I no longer have that contact where I can pay for a short run of newspapers, and also the US distributor would not stock GOTHIC due to the fact that it was a newsprint item----yet they sold 2000 Whitechapel Freak's at a lion's share cut of 60 per cent...go figure.

John A. Short said...

Keep me posted! I'll want a copy!