Thursday, November 11, 2010

MADAM SAMURAI ON THE BIG SCREEN (relax, it's only the
pages of the graphic novel projected on screen at BICS last year) The pages were featured in a talk about comics to film, which is a pretty big trend right now. The screenwriter Gary Young was present, he wrote Madam Samurai as a screenplay intially, then passed it onto me to break down into sequential form, unfortunately I was doing sketches/signing/minding the table, so I didn't get to see it:(

These picture courtesy of Stuart from Stoke, who took these snaps last year and gave them to me at this year's BICS.

Okay, I need to know what you all would like to see on this blog. Would you like to see development material? half done pages and the like? sadly I've not been able to post MS pages, but once I start other work I'll be able to update more often. It's over to you for suggestions:)



Owen Michael Johnson said...

I want to hear about your writing process, developmental material...something truly yours, even if it's just musing on something you would like to do one day...

Anonymous said...

I agree with OMJ, seeing your writing process, the way you structure a page and this kind of thing would be great.


John H said...

I'd like more competitions and word searches.

I enjoy the development theme, but little aside entries break them up nicely. My blog was pretty boring looking back, diversity is good.