Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Shredded Shirt: Week 1

Good evening lady and gents, here's a strange one... this drawing is in the process of being done for comic colouring veteran Tom Smith (he's worked for all the big comic companies over his twenty+ years in the business). Tom asked if he could add some colour to one of my recent peices and it kind of sparked a possible idea, which I'll tell you more about if anything ever happens. I've called this blog 'Shredded shirt' simply because Doc Savage could not possibly buy quality when it comes to his shirts. No Saville Row for him. Can't be Primark either coz they're good shirts they are. So, this begs the question, where did he buy his trousers?

As I was drawing this a horrible thought occurred to me... I've (nearly) spent twenty years TRYING to get into the comics biz!

Be back soon with 'Shredded Shirt:Week 2---Wolverine'


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Cor get you mingling with the comic industry stars!

Savage and Dracula is it? Or is he beating up Grandpa from the Munsters :)

David said...

Heh, yes it's Grandpa Munster of course, apparently he stole Doc's tanning lotion...never got round to using it though!