Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello you.

I know there's someone out there... isn't there? Here's a picture to look at anyway. This batman original will be for sale at the BICS show, it won't be part of the '£30 a page' promotion I'm doing for GOTHIC though I'm afraid. Anbody interested in advance, just make me an offer. I'm only selling art in an effort to try and get some cash fast so that I can start paying of the cost of the GOTHIC printrun (as I don't really want it hanging on my credit card for too long) ;)

More from me soon....


Gary Crutchley said...

Absolutely lovely, Dave as always.
I'm blown away by the scrummy gorgeousness of your work. If I hadn't got 3 birthdays to pay for this last month I would have made an offer.

paulhd said...

You're making me feel bad for lurking:)
As Dribbs says, lovely work. I'm broke too, so no art for me either, which is annoying.

DavidR90 said...

Totally agree, I'm always astounded by your architecture (which is why I've got that Ripper alley page on my wall!!) I would dearly love to bid for this current piece but I also am slightly skint at the mo.
I'll tell you what might be an earner for A4 or larger portfolio of some of your full page pieces, like this Batman, the Frankenstein pic (also on my wall!) and some of the others, at a reasonable price I'm sure they would sell wee at shows etc.
And I may not always comment but I'm usually here somewhere lurking!!

Simon Wyatt said...

Excellent piece again, Dave.

Are you taking other pieces to the show as well?

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing this stuff at BICS!