Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hello everyone.

Well, as promised, here's the list of stuff in GOTHIC. First of all we have a short Witch Hunt tale, which (ha) was originally going to be a 'times past' story in Gary Spencer Millidge's 10th Anniversary of Strangehaven, I was proud to be asked to be part of that. Then a small wordless tale called 'Treasure' which was one of my first published stories... ever. Then a brand new 'sepia toned' Springheeled Jack story. Up next is LUSCA, written by Leah Moore and John Reppion. A salty sea-monster tale (or should that be 'tentacle') our first collaboration for Accent UK. Then 'IMMORTAL', a tale of a very, very old vampire (originally a 100 edition s/n mini comic)..whew... is it time for a break yet?

Then it's time for a great zombie story, written by John and Leah, again for Accent UK, used with permission of the chaps at said establishment. If I was doing a collection of stuff that I'm proud of, which I hope GOTHIC is, I could not leave out THE BRIDGE. Again, a wordless tale, based on the brilliant AMBROSE BIERCE story 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge'. I did this as a 100 issue mini comic, wayback in 2002. And to finish off, there's a gallery of commissions and unpublished bits and bobs. All in all a fairly extensive collection. Here's another version of the cover to be getting on with (but I'm not happy with it yet);).

For those of you who were interested in getting some original art, I've put a BATMAN victoriana peice on ebay co.uk....click here.


Adam Grose said...

How can I get one of your new GOTHC comics? Can I buy, or will it be available online?

Anonymous said...

I'd love a copy too - how do I get my dirty hands on one?! I know a bunch of guys over at Theater of Terror website are itching to get a copy too!