Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello gang
Well, with Bristol on the horizon there's not much time left to get anything new done, but I will be bringing some original art to browse through. Here's peek at a promo peice I did for MADAM SAMURAI, I went back to it this weekend and fleshed it out a bit, not finished as yet but I'll have it with me at the show.

I'll be signing Madam Samurai Vol 1 at the SCAR comics table. 80 pages for £7.99Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Gary Crutchley said...

Unfortunately I can't make it to Bristol, Dave. So have a cracking time, hope you sell loads of Madame Samurai on both days, and I'll see you later in the year, where I'll get me a signed copy then.
All the best

Brian Jones said...

Love this Madam Samurai image, one of you best! Cant wait for the GN

jon haward said...

beautiful work Dave