Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello all
A week since the Bristol Comic Show already? Although these events are always great to attend, you can never get round everyone that you want to see, despite the fact that it was about a quarter of the size of what it used to be. I was there on the SCAR Comics table with a some advance copies of MADAM SAMURAI, it seemed to sell pretty well over the weekend, I'm gearing up for the launch event now at INFINITY AND BEYOND in Shrewsbury on the 12th June. Hope there will be more than two people there else I'll sulk.

Got another Batman commission whilst at the show, here it is...


Gary Crutchley said...

Sorry I couldn't make Bristol Dave, but as Shrewsbury's only about an hour away and the 12th is me Birthday, then I deserve a little treat, and seeing you and buying a copy of Madame Samurai fits the bill nicely

David said...

Great stuff, Gary, see you there---that's two then;)

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