Thursday, October 12, 2006


Still waiting for proofs from the printers! It was all supposed to be 'touch of a button' stuff, BUT (as usual with technology) when I go to download the pdfs, I get error messages, but not until I've already waited 40mins for the 620meg file to download! Ahhh, anyway, hopefully it will be sorted soon-- so they tell me.

The colour SHJ issue 2 is now out (Full Circle Publications), it looks pretty too;) You might be able to pick it up at your local comic shop, and then again you might not. The local FP which I'm forced to frequent, had one solitary copy---which I purchased myself. How sad is that;)

Last weekend I did a page for the next Moore and Reppion short, a 19th century zombie tale, which will be coming out through ACCENT UK early in 2007.

Also I just recently joined the DON MURPHY Message Board at as I want to try and start some buzz about a possible SPRINGHEELED JACK film... the thread is in the 'Talkin about general stuff' section, if you want to join you COULD be in for a free copy of the hardback!!!

Get yourself over there now:)


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