Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hello All, and no doubt a few new faces too (due to the advert in the latest C.I.)

I'm still waiting for the books to be delivered from the printers, all being well I should get them at the end of this next week. I'm a bit miffed this week as I missed out on going to the new comic show in Lancaster, I decided to go at the last minute, and despite the offer of a lift there and back (a biiig thanks to Jay and Selina for that) I couldn't get any overnight accomodation. All fully booked up, let's hope that is a good sign for those who travelled all the way to the show. I've not heard any reports yet, but i know a few folk who were going. Namely Graeme Neil Reid who has his anthology comic ONE LAST TIME for sale, it's a great compilation of classic Brit comic style stories with a twist- not to be missed.

Also Ben Dickson's FALLING SKY is making its debut there. Ben gave me a prototype copy some time ago, it really is a clever tale and deserves a good distribution.

Other stuff this weekend..... just completed page 5 of the zombie story I'm doing with Leah Moore and John Reppion, its looking great (but I would say that wouldn't I;)

I've just bought a second-hand copy of Dawn of War (the Warhammer game for the PC)...looked really sweet on the box, but can anyone out there TELL ME HOW TO DECIPHER WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!??????? I'm not a great gamer at best, but I just hate it when the screen is so full of icons you just can't see what's happening.

That's me done for this week.



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