Sunday, November 04, 2012

So, it's been a week since Paris already. We had a great time, my wife came with me (first time to a comic show in over 20 years), we did some sightseeing (after the event of course) and Simon was an absolute gent all weekend (at one point we got a bit lost, ended up on the metro, and he carried an old woman's luggage up a flight of stairs... bless the Biz!. Big thanks go to Patrick and Guillaume of Aaltair Publishing, the expo organisers and all the great folk we met along the way. It really was a weekend to remember, I was sketching all weekend, Simon was doing great peices for fans also, here's some pics. I'll be back soon, with more from the show, stay tuned folks.

First of many....

First happy customer for one of the sketches I did prior to the show.

We had this took about three times, this was the least blurry.

Yep, Simon really is that fast.

I like this one.

...and this one.

Dredd marker sketch...and it's BIG! (A3)

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