Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Greetings one and all

Last saturday I accompanied DAVID LLOYD on the ACES WEEKLY stand at a show at the NEC in Birmingham. I was supposed to attend Thought Bubble the week before, I was looking forward to it, but was cruely struck down with a sickness bug a couple of days before it. So I went to memorabilia to make up for it.

Normally I would not try and sell comics at a show like this (I tried it about ten years ago----- the chap on the table next to me took a load of tatty old videos, sold the lot, yet, me, trying to sell a totally original product, lovingly crafted by my own fair hands, sold fuck all) 'never again' I told myself.

However, I'm happy to report that this was not the case this time. They have a small section of the hall called Comic Village, well it was more of a 'comic table' but still, ACES WEEKLY had some great feedback from passersby who we managed to grapple to the ground. We didn't let them back up until they subscribed.... a good way of dealing with folk I think I'll try it for my next endeavour. If you've not subscribed yet Volume Two is about to start this weekend. £6.99 via Paypal gets you 200+ pages of comics by a wide variety of creators from across the globe. You can always access the issues, providing you have a tablet, pc or iPad or other such devices, and there are big plans ahead. To find out more see the ACES WEEKLY Facebook page. The page here is from my strip, PARADISE MECHANISM, coloured by Matt Soffe.

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