Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello everyone

Aren't horses difficult to draw? I've drawn them numerous times, especially in my first book SPIRIT OF THE HIGHWAYMAN, but trying to capture that dynamic leg position can sometimes be a royal pain in the butt. This drawing is one of those incidents. I always attempt to do it out of my head, which, I guess must be where the problem lies. I don't know about other artists, but when I resort to looking for photo reference I can never seem to find exactly what I want for the task. After numerous erasing I finally got there...this will (of course) change again when I come to ink it. I planned on this one being a fairly time consuming illustration, so I'll post more as and when.

I've just seen that BOOM studios are releasing an 'omnibus' version of Cthulhu Tales, I hope WHISTLE FROM THE DEEP is in there (Shane Oakley writes a great fishy tale). Also, don't forget to checkout the SPLIT LIP website, where 'A Mother's Love' will be featured.

back soon

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