Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hello all
I'm currently on the last few pages of ' A Mother's Love' a story for SPLIT LIP COMIC, a web-based horror anthology run by Sam Costello. The story itself contains some pretty gruesome stuff, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it ;) thanks for the opportunity Sam, hope there's more sometime. Head over to Sam's website for more details here.

I'll be at the Birmingham Comic Con in August (first show this year due to one thing and another). I'm looking forward to it as it's the launch of Madam Samurai Vol 2... who's going to be there?? I'm going to cheat with the accompanying image this's old commission I did way back when


Brian Jones said...

An oldie but a goodie...great piece Dave.

Owen Michael Johnson said...

Good to hear you'll be at Birmingham. Would be great to catch up, my friend :)

dave said...

varHi dave old piece lol it still looks great on my wall Regards Dave