Sunday, February 06, 2011

A few days ago a good friend of mine pointed out that there were two pages of my original art for sale on ebay. The pages are from Spirit of the Highwayman my first ever gn. I only produced 500 of these books way back in '99 (cor, time really does fly) and they have become a sought-after comodity-- one went for £50 last year on the same auction site. Funny really as no one wanted them when I had 500 to sell. I guess that's how the world of small press works, you can hawk your wares around for months, seemingly with no joy, then someone sees it, word spreads and before you know it you are a millionaire.

I lied about the last part:) Anyway, why not have a bid?

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Richard Williams said...

Still 2 days left & going for £35 a piece! Only one bidder at the mo, shame I can't afford them! Lovely pages though and I'm kicking myself for not ordering that GN when it first came out. I remember seeing it advertised in Comics International and "humming & harring" whether to get it or not - my bad!!!I showed that Batman piece to my wife Dave and she loved it!!!