Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greetings gang

Just finished a cover for a short story which I illustrated earlier this year. Written by John A Short, it's a tale of tragedy from the streets of Liverpool. THE SIXPENNY MURDER is a true story of a gang of 'cornermen' whose violent antics took a turn for the worse. It's an attempt to try and warn young offenders of today, through the pages of a comic strip, to show how one simple action could lead to tragedy, not just for themselves, but for friends and families too. The brief for this cover was to focus on the boots (cornermen wore worker's boots - a kind of gang motif) and the victim. I wanted a very dynamic viewpoint...this is it, stage by stage.


Anonymous said...

Hi David

A GREAT cover that tops of this project wonderfully - seems a long time ago since Emily, John and I discussed it and so pleased that John reommended you. I dont think is anyone better anywhere to have delivered on it. Shades of Edward Gorey genius (only better!)

Nice one and thank you so much


Dave West said...

Dave, Last night I finally managed to meet up with Andy and get my copy of Madam Samurai - Vol 1. I read it on the train going down to London this morning and must say it's beautifully illustrated throughout. As always with your work it's a real feast for the eyes. Look forward to seeing your wonderful pencils grace Vol 2.

Anonymous said...

Loving Madam samurai. Just mentioned it on my blog too. Cheers Dave!