Friday, July 02, 2010

Greetings all,
Just a quick update this week, here's another drawing featuring everyone's favourite bat-like crime fighter, tussling with TwoFace and some goons on a rooftop. I'll be revisiting SPRINGHEELED JACK again soon... but only for the ex-libris bookplate in the French edition, which will be coming out in September I believe. I'll keep you all posted.

cheers for now,


Andy Bloor said...

Bloody brilliant as always Dave, I'd buy at Batman book from you in a heartbeat.

Brian Jones said...

Another favorite Dave, love the details like the thug hanging from gargoyle. Great piece!

Anonymous said...


I've been a Spring Heeled Jack fan since I first heard about him on Art Bell he's hella creepy mysterious and cool. I can totally buy him as an alien though by the supposed mechanism in his shoes he seems more like an android run amuck I would like to buy SHJ #1

Chip Bell