Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's a quick post to let you folks know I've stuck a few things on Check em out!


Graeme Neil Reid said...

I dunno Dave, you can post a video but you can't figure out how to do a link? Next time I'm on the phone get the PC cranked up and I'll talk you through it :)

Can't believe you've still got some of those sketchbooks left! People must be watching the pennies these days as they should have flown away with those gorgeous illustrations on the covers!

Eli said...

Looking for Springheeled. I saw an offer on Newsarama from july 16 offering copies of Gothic for postage paid. I love a good zombie comic - is this offer available for Canada - that is where I live?

David said...

Hi Eli
I can send the paper to Canada no problem, but it might take some time. I sent an ebay item out your way a few years back and I remember it took something like 6-8 weeks to get there.

Let me know what you think.