Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello everyone
Last weekend I got to the drawing board, did a few odds and ends, and (nearly) completed one page from the samurai gn--- here it is. The last few panels need finishing off, but you get the picture. This page is a flashback sequence, depicting the end of the Satsuma rebellion and introducing the main character (as a young girl) for the first time. The script called for a ravaged battlefield, with crows swooping for any rich pickings (or finger ends) and the gradual arrival of raindrops, next few panels show peasants foraging for gold or other precious items no longer coveted by the dead.


Gary Crutchley said...

Awesome Dave.
Crackin' attention to detail and the expressions on the faces of the peasants are just great.

Brian Jones said...

Fantastic work Dave....Love this page!

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Looking good Dave and also congrats on your 100th post!