Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another commission peice from a chap in the US. A companion to the 'Lurker' vampire I did the other week. I'm getting a bit more experience with werewolves just lately. At least this one doesn't look like next door's alsation. A few of you have asked if I'll be at Bristol this year, the answer is yes, but in the small press event held near the main event. I'm thinking about producing a sketchbook, of say, just 50 copies, let me know if you may be interested. I don't know any specifics yet, I'll let you all know when I've collated possible content.
The CTHULHU TALES issue went down well, according to Shane. Hop over to his blog here

He has a new comic coming out soon called CHANNEL EVIL, written by grand master, Alan Grant...with pictures by Mr Oakley...this has to be great! Get down to your comic shop (if you have one) and order it right now.

That's it for now gang,

back soon


Gary Crutchley said...

No way you can mistake that for an Alsation. What a corker.
Great stuff my man. And who in their right mind wouldn't be up fer one your sketchbooks.
And a fiver you say, what a bargain.

Brian Jones said...

Fantastic Werewolf Dave. Great stuff!

Andy Bloor said...

Looking good as always Dave... got the werewolf bug now too it seems!

I'd be up for one of your sktcthbooks for sure, infact was thining of doing something similar myself if I can find the time,


shane oakley said...

£4.99 - i'll pay no more!

a stunning pic, dave. one hairy-scary looking mother. if you ever have another spare year, got this idea for a 'hammer horror' version of RED RIDING HOOD, would be right up your dark, bloodstained alley.

ps;thanx for the plug!

Gary Crutchley said...

managed to track down an issue of CTHULHU TALES 12.Not as easy as you might think.
Absolutely corking, beautiful artwork Dave. Well impressed.