Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello again folks, here I am for your yearly update;) I've not been doing that much artwise just lately, there's always something else to take up time nowadays. Apart from the odd commission here and there I've only done a short six-page tale for the Accent UK anthology MONSTERS. It's called LUSCA written by none other than MOORE & REPPION. Original art for that is for sale if any of you have seen the comic.

I've just finished a ten page 'times past' STRANGEHAVEN story, yes Gary asked me if I'd be interested in doing a story for him some time ago now, it's tentatively scheduled to see print in an Italian version of a SH collection.

I'm thinking of doing a hardback collection of SHJ, mainly to celebrate the EAGLE AWARD WIN for the 3-issue series. The collection will be 120 pages B+W, with the inclusion of the short story 'LAST CHAPTER' (I only did 50 mini-comics of this so chances are you may not have seen it) and a new 6-page INTRO plus an extensive sketch book section. The dilemma I have is that I can't decide to do it myself (with no distribution channels OR go the POD route. Print On Demand apparently allows a book to be listed on Amazon etc, the downside it that I don't have a clue if this approach actually WORKS. Does anyone out there know?

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