Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good old fashioned spookiness at Thought Bubble - THE SIGNAL MAN arrives

Not long now until Thoughtbubble folks. Here's a few of the original watercolour editions Ive been doing recently. Each one is individual, painted on handmade rag paper and tipped-in to each copy. I had fifty copies printed with a blank inside cover, with my original intention to draw straight onto the cover, however the watercolours didn't take to the inside cover as they are very smooth. I then came up with the idea of doing them on handmade paper and sticking them in. At the show I will have The Signal Man, 'Drawings' my latest sketchbook, prints and original art for sale. PLEASE NOTE if you would like a watercolour sketch could you let me know in advance as I may not have many of them with me. Original watercolour version is £20 at the show, standard Signal Man is £5. Writer JASON COBLEY will be signing too (SATURDAY ONLY), possibly the only time the two of us can sign your copy. See you there :)


Joe Coleman said...

How do I buy a copy David?

Regor said...

Indeed. How can I get this in the States?

Jason Cobley said...

Hi - I don't know if David has replied directly, but you can paypal an order and one of us can post to the States. For postage to the USA, mailed flat, it would be £10 in total. You can paypal direct to jasoncobley @ if you wish. :)

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