Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello all, if you don't see my facebook posts then you may not be aware of my 100 page A4 size, sketchbook/artbook which is imminent. Many moons ago I would produce a small A5 sketchbook every year, I've not done that for a while now so thought it was the ideal time to compile one. There will only be 100 copies of this collection, mainly because
 I will be doodling in each and every one. Yup, I am crazy.


Darren Evans said...


How do I go about getting a copy of this book?



David said...

Hi Darren It is £25 including postage in the UK. PLease send a 'Friends and family' payment via paypal to black_boar1@yahoo.com

Don't forget to let me know what character you would like as your watercolour sketch. Thanks, Dave

Mayumi Elisa said...
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harada57 said...
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