Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello all

I recently started a fairly lengthy gn for Scar Comics/Bigger Pictures, written by screen writer Gary Young-- with the aim that it will be used as a tool to promote it as a movie. It's called MADAM SAMURAI, the tale is set in victorian London at the time of the notorious Ripper murders. What's the oriental connection you may ask? How the heck should I know, I just draw the pictures ;) No seriously, it's a great tale and one that has a great 'feel' about it.

I plan on doing a bit of a 'diary' type thing, the 'production of a graphic novel' if you will. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing it make progress, and I'll make every effort to update with interesting stuff like sketches, snippets, notes etc which you won't see elsewhere.

On this post I thought it would be good to show the THUMBNAIL---which is done on A4 and gives me the general layout of the page. The A3 size original pencils--- using the thumbnail arrangement I can then adjust various angles, panels to make better use of the page. I'll finish this page tomorrow and post it on Monday. This is, of course, no different from how I imagine any other artist to work (but it gives you a chance to see some scribbling)

For those who never got round to getting a copy of GOTHIC, I posted the first story here.... sorry, you'll have to fill in stuff to view it but it won't take long.

Bye for now..


Brian Jones said...

Thanks for a behind the scene look of your latest project. Looking forward to watching the book progress here on the blog and sounds like very interesting material. I really like the last panel in the second page, can't wait to see the finished page.

Gary Crutchley said...

Great to see how you work, Dave.
I hope you keep us all up to date on the progress of this book.