Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hello one and all

Here's one of my highly irregular posts, must get a little more frequent with them;)

I've not done that much in the way of drawing lately. The book I was supposed to be illustrating was dogged with problems from the beginning, from the changing editorship to lack of communication (from their end) and after me doing so much stuff for them without any sign of payment I decided enough was enough. I was surprised that a big company such as Bloomsbury(US) could be so bad to work for, this was a harsh lesson to learn, and just goes to show that there is so much 'red tape' to these things---I still don't know what the heck happened, as they were 'loving' the stuff I did for them. Oh well.

A few weeks back I suddenly felt like drawing a victorian X-Men scene (you know how you do) here it is for your perusal. I'll talk again soon....promise.

all the best

Dave (PS - the city scene was one of the coloured pages from the book)

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Anonymous said...

Love the cityscape - a real shame the book deal collapsed. Hopefully you'll have a chance to publish the work you've done separately!