Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello you three (well, I'm assuming I may have got another fan at Bristol 2007;)

The show was absolutely heaving with people, and Saturday was very good again, special thanks to the folk who bought my sketchbooks, and even more thanks to a couple of fans who purchased original art pages (as they kind of paid my way for the weekend). Apart from selling the hardback SHJ, the only new material I had was a short Zombie tale (written by Leah Moore and John Reppion) in ACCENT UKs 'ZOMBIES' (which i believe is a great seller for them. The short story I did for Gary Millidge is set to see print in an Italian Strangehaven collection this year sometime, and apart from that I've also done work on an adaptation of the Green Knight and a slew of draft pages for a 'BIG' US book publisher (again though, as of this writing I'm just hanging around waiting for decisions to be made).

Talking of decisions - On the Saturday a representative from a company called Classical Comics asked if I would like to illustrate their adaptation of Frankenstein...Well, I just about bit their hands off, and was quite excited about it all weekend, when I got back from the show I knocked together the attached pic for them, and I got a letter back saying they had gotten someone else for the task! Bugger!

Sharing my table at the show was my good friend Graeme, who came all the way from Edinburgh, we had a good laugh and at the end of the show he very kindly gave me the attached SANDMAN peice he had painted a while ago. He is a regular contributor to the US anthology NEGATIVE BURN, and he's also self published a collection of his own short stories called ONE LAST TIME, nip over to his website ( ) and see all the stuff he's done... you won't be sorry.

Well, I think that's about all for now, I'll return again soon.

all the best,


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