Thursday, November 23, 2006

Greetings one and all!
The books finally arrived, and apart from a few minor 'artistic niggles' from me they look pretty nice, and the general opinion is good. On the same day however, my phoneline went down, and I live in the sticks, apparently BT say that major cable work needs to be done, and the council need to 'approve' them working on a main road..this could take a MONTH!!! Ironically enough, the week before all this happened I had switched to broadband, so now, not only am I paying for broadband I can't access, but I can't sell any books via the net either :(

Some good news of late, I've just heard that I've been included in PAUL GRAVETT + PETER STANSBURYs book GREAT BRITISH COMICS ( which I'm really chuffed about considering the amount of comicstrip pages I've produced over the years, which probably only reaches about 3 or 400 pages pages tops. That's a really great accolade (and could concievably force me to produce at least two or three more pages before I give up the ghost;) )

Anyway, the SHJ HARDBACK is finally available (I can get limited access to the net at work) £10 standard edition, £13 signed and numbered, both include postage in the UK, I prefer PAYPAL if poss at

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far.

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