Friday, June 11, 2004

Hello again everyone!

Well, its been a while since I posted last, and what a time I've had! Lets begin with the Bristol Comic Festival, which was just about as busy as you can get. I was rushed off my feet, even with the extra help of my friend Graeme Neil Reid who hobbled all the way down to Bristol from Edinburgh, especially for the event! I spent virtually the whole two day event sketching SHJ, and various Marvel characters in victorian dress! Sold about 200 issues of SHJ#2 which was great news too. Things that had been on the cards for months all came to fruition at Bristol, I had two charity peices on sale--a Hellboy painting which sold for a healthy £145, this was also used in the 'Top Trumps' card pack, a Victorian stylee 'Constantine' for Ade Brown's 'Just1Page' charity magazine (he's just had an article on

Also out was the vampire mini 'Immortal' which sold out, and the second sketchbook (few left @£4.00 each), Whitechapel Freak COLOUR version with Bisley cover was out too---and it looked the dogs doo daas too, get your comic shop to order one when its listed in Previews later in the year;). Also had a little pirate story (no, this one was not about a midget seadog), merely it was 'little' as far as the page count--this appeared in PIRATES a great UK anthology title from AccentUK. I'm currently doing a short story for their next project '12'--about the twelve labours of Hercules.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bristol show, and of course everyone who buys my comics, for their patience and understanding about the strange beast called 'self publishing'. I'm really pleased that my stuff is going down so well. Now all I've got to do is carry on doing it! Gotta get back and start that 'hand numbering' again--it was good idea at the time, but 420 into it I'm not so sure....;)

Signing off for now,


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